Overheard in French Quarter

(man and wife crossing street illegally in front of line of traffic) “Hey, I always have the right of way!”

(man and wife with ignored map in hand) “I’m sure we’ll just run into it”

“I don’t mind runnin’ ragged for 3 hours if I’m only workin 5 hour shifts”

(loud person on phone) “I’m down here scouting locations for a movie, so I got time…”

“If you want rock, you got to be prepared to take off your clothes.”

“I don’t understand the psychology of sleeveless shirts.”

Once it was part of the fun but no longer

I remember that building before it was fixed. The people seemed to always be around it, coming in and out at all hours and had lots of bikes. It had flowerpots and those things that whirled around in the wind. Music and laughter (not always when appropriate) floated around.

It was cordoned off in the 90s and dust and noise came out of the back between 7 am to 3 pm with a generous break for lunch. A dumpster ate up a bunch of stuff and neighbors fed that dumpster their stuff too but only at night.

When it was all over, it looked better but really blank. Like a facelift on a really old woman.

No interesting people stopped there any longer, and certainly bikes were no longer welcome.