Making fried chicken, Anne Churchill-style

My fabulous pal shows you how to easily make great fried chicken.


Tropical Peops

I’ve known Earl and Pam since around the time that they began at the World’s Fair. My mother and her second husband (and then my brother when he moved here) were daily attendees of the Deja Vu when they owned it and we all spent time at the Decatur Gator in the 1980s too. I still pop in to catch some local musicians at the little TI on Bourbon every once in a while, and the Grapevine is quite a good place to get a glass of wine and to experience (read smell and taste) the bacon happy hour.

I also know folks who live very close to the flagship bar at Orleans and Bourbon who told me that TI is a very good neighbor to have which is a huge compliment in the Quarter from any resident.

Pam and Earl are a classic example of one type of entrepreneur that the French Quarter attracts. It is not the millennial hipster we get here but the savvy seasoned business person who can handle the chaos and the demands of operating in the Quarter. (I wrote about that a little in a post I did comparing the Quarter to the Cincinnati neighborhood of Over-The-Rhine. )

As for their real claim to fame, I recently remarked to friends that the Grenade has clearly outpaced the Hurricane as the favorite drink for tourists, based on the number of them that I see in the hands of sweaty, drunken visitors. Maybe it’s time for a craft artist to create a sculpture out of the glasses- maybe a life-sized gator to mark its prominence?

Pam is constantly roaming the Quarter and always up for a chat so keep an eye out for her and say hello.

Open Tab: Thoughtful musings on drinking culture in America

Check it out: a marvelous blog about drinking culture from one of our downtown girls. Elizabeth writes extremely well, with lots of flair and asides which seems exactly what you want from a drinking companion. She also runs Drink & Learn, a weekly romp through the French Quarter featuring drinking and learning and is also the co-author of the book The French Quarter Drinking Companion.Elizabeth’s Open Tab blog here.

Welcome Carnival 2015

Today we begin OUR holiday season-Carnival. It starts today with the celebration of the Feast of the Epiphany and Joan of Arc’s birthday and ends on Fat Tuesday aka Mardi Gras, the day before Ash Wednesday (Lent). I will celebrate with the first slice of king cake and maybe seeing two parades in this first Carnival day. Phunny Phorty Phellows-A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men! truly kicks off the season with their streetcar parade and then the Joan of Arc parade really shows what we do best with their walking (trotting?) French Quarter celebration. Not only is it great to be able to hit 2 parades (one within an easy bike ride of my neighborhood and the other here in the Quarter) but when in a late search of a small traditional king cake, I can hit 3 or 4 bakers or shops within a few blocks of my home and find one:



First throws of the 2015 season, including Joan of Arc matches and my very own Heretic Doll

First throws of the 2015 season, including Joan of Arc matches and my very own Heretic Doll

Celebrating Christmas at home with Chris

Ah Chris Owens. The latest in a long line of FQ residents/business owners that love and care for it in their own fashion. Owens should be celebrated for the many facets of her life: the direct line to the Bourbon cabaret history that she represents, the club act that she maintains (her JazzFest show is something I try to see to just shake my head and marvel at), the decent apartments that she rents out to workers, the parade she throws at Easter, the social circle that she mothers, the building and commercial tenants that she keeps in good order, her support of different cultural and charitable events… I know my friend the Grand Duchess seems to hold her in high esteem although she told me that she has not “had the pleasure of crossing her path or hearing her musical stylings.” As always, I think the Duchess is similar to a lot of residents and workers in her point of view.
Even though I know it is easy for people to see her as an anachronism, I think she truly lives in the real world found there at Bourbon and St. Louis and has made it better. Yes, a lot of that world in those pictures from are in a style rarely seen, but let’s give her credit for the zest and fun she seems to throw in the pot.
So I say, rock on Chris Owens.


Celebrating Christmas at home with Chris Owens |