Nola Files: The First 20 Stories

The Nola Files is preparing stories of the most influential people and places in New Orleans history. To do this history project justice we need to first focus on the people and places that had the widest impact and connected with most of the city. Please look through some of these options and vote for those you think need to be our focus first.

In this survey you will vote on PEOPLE who stories must be told.


The First 20 Stories


Many thanks to Abita Springs activist/artist John Preble for linking to this site today. Fascinating.

An escape room is a live-action puzzle where five to six people work together in a locked room to find clues that will eventually unlock the door. This is the first New Orleans version:


Love Letter to My City

Well, this letter could really be titled “Love Letter to the French Quarter” since that is where my mother brought me as a “world-weary” teenager and where I found my city. That lovely introduction to it all was why I write about the Quarter today; so that others will come to it and find their own home. I wrote this in an hour and sent it off without rereading it again so that I would have to let the emotion stay in there.

Love Letter/HuffPost

Once it was part of the fun but no longer

I remember that building before it was fixed. The people seemed to always be around it, coming in and out at all hours and had lots of bikes. It had flowerpots and those things that whirled around in the wind. Music and laughter (not always when appropriate) floated around.

It was cordoned off in the 90s and dust and noise came out of the back between 7 am to 3 pm with a generous break for lunch. A dumpster ate up a bunch of stuff and neighbors fed that dumpster their stuff too but only at night.

When it was all over, it looked better but really blank. Like a facelift on a really old woman.

No interesting people stopped there any longer, and certainly bikes were no longer welcome.

Welcome to NO Block by Block (NObxb)

Hey old and new fans of our city. I have devoted many of the past years to living in this lovely, messy chaotic city and am glad of it. Now, I am redoubling my effort to illuminate its particular charm for others and for me with this blog.

I have been writing about my alternative,  sometimes underground part of the city for a while ( The purpose of this blog (and the corresponding yet unpublished pieces written offline) will be to chart parts of the city block by block with written history, fables overheard, stories believed.

Starting with the French Quarter, but adding others as we go.

I say we because I put it out to you to add your pieces to this blog as you wish. I am looking for collaborators of news and bits of opinion which could end up in the published work (with your credit firmly established).

Or you could just point me in the right direction….