Off-leash green space for QuarterDogs coming

From NextDoor FQ:

At last night’s meeting of the full NORDC commission, an off leash dog area was approved for Cabrini Park. It was much larger than the plan that was expected to be proposed–18,816 sq ft rather than 10, 800–and is positioned against the Barracks St side of the park. The vote was 7-3 in favor of the off leash area.


FQ business owner and resident Robbie Robertson using Cabrini Park with his beloved companion Dante from an earlier TeePee article. photo by Eliot Kamenitz





In New Orleans’ French Quarter, a cockatoo named Iko holds court 

Since my mom lives around the corner (and Fahy’s is a few doors down!) I have visited with Iko many times over the years. I stood next to BB during a parade at the corner a few years back and found her to be the consummate French Quarter resident: chatty, interested in the world and quirky, as it should be.

Behind the centuries-old bricks and shutters of the French Quarter are many lives that passersby cannot see. Any glimpse into a shadowy courtyard is a teaser. But there is one resident on Burgundy Street who beckons the outside world to take a longer look.