Uncle Lionel second-line brouhaha

Kabuki Hats is the type of business and artist that we need. Tracy admired and respected Uncle Lionel and her free gesture was an act of love. Shocking that this actor misunderstood the situation so completely. Maybe he should chat with locals before he tweets from far off about things he doesnt have the right information for.

Nice. Uncomplicated. Just like Uncle Lionel

The Accidental Cajun

We had walked about twenty steps up Royal Street, just past Marigny Brasserie, when the elephant tear raindrops started to fall in big splats on the sidewalk.  We futilely tried to open umbrellas, but it was no use — as if someone pulled the drain plug from the bottom of a cloud — and the sky started sheeting on us.  Our proximity to each other only made it worse, as the rainwater sluiced off the other’s umbrella, drenching and unusually cold for a New Orleans summer:  we needed cover.  As we tried to duck out of the deluge, a familiar figure ran past and told us to come back to Frenchman at 8PM — something was going down for Uncle Lionel.  We parted ways at the corner where Royal turns back towards the Quarter, seeking shelter in the R Bar as our friend disappeared into one of the neat shotguns…

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Mary’s Ace is open again

The loss of Mary’s on Bourbon seemed like a larger loss than just a store. Seemed like a layer of usefulness for the Quarter had been lost as well. So, the new location on Rampart and Orleans (with parking!) seems like something more gained than just a place to buy keys or nails; maybe a sign that the Quarter isn’t done yet as a place for neighbors and small businesses.