Nola Files: The First 20 Stories

The Nola Files is preparing stories of the most influential people and places in New Orleans history. To do this history project justice we need to first focus on the people and places that had the widest impact and connected with most of the city. Please look through some of these options and vote for those you think need to be our focus first.

In this survey you will vote on PEOPLE who stories must be told.


The First 20 Stories

Vietnamese Cuisine in New Orleans | WYES

A great documentary on the Vietnamese in New Orleans. A well done overview of the history and the recent changes since 2005. The Viet community truly led the recovery of the entire city by showing focused entrepreneurial intent and deep community values. 

Vietnamese Cuisine in New Orleans | WYES.

copies of the documentary can be bought on dvd by calling 504-722-3048

And a link to a video that I did for the food system organization Market Umbrella about the Vietnamese: