Welcome to NO Block by Block (NObxb)

Hey old and new fans of our city. I have devoted many of the past years to living in this lovely, messy chaotic city and am glad of it. Now, I am redoubling my effort to illuminate its particular charm for others and for me with this blog.

I have been writing about my alternative,  sometimes underground part of the city for a while (neworleanscanthrive.blogspot.com). The purpose of this blog (and the corresponding yet unpublished pieces written offline) will be to chart parts of the city block by block with written history, fables overheard, stories believed.

Starting with the French Quarter, but adding others as we go.

I say we because I put it out to you to add your pieces to this blog as you wish. I am looking for collaborators of news and bits of opinion which could end up in the published work (with your credit firmly established).

Or you could just point me in the right direction….