In New Orleans’ French Quarter, a cockatoo named Iko holds court 

Since my mom lives around the corner (and Fahy’s is a few doors down!) I have visited with Iko many times over the years. I stood next to BB during a parade at the corner a few years back and found her to be the consummate French Quarter resident: chatty, interested in the world and quirky, as it should be.

Behind the centuries-old bricks and shutters of the French Quarter are many lives that passersby cannot see. Any glimpse into a shadowy courtyard is a teaser. But there is one resident on Burgundy Street who beckons the outside world to take a longer look.

Drinks in the courtyard at Maison Dupuy.

As the author of the Cheap Drinks/Bookstores/Extra Bathrooms map of the French Quarter (download it from an earlier post on this site) I heartily approve of adding more pleasant places to sit and sip. I like the Maison Dupuy anyway and can second Todd Price’s story idea:T-P story

The courtyard opens for cocktails every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Maison Dupuy Hotel is located at 1001 Toulouse St.