New Orleans Council moves to create “Cigar Bar” designation

What’s next-“Little Debbie corner stores” or “Jukebox Bars”? This City Council is a joke, but not as much as our new CZO which, without well-funded and embedded neighborhood organizations and longterm advocacy and education is basically Swiss Cheese. Or maybe better described as an alternate universe with jesters and trolls as kings. If each exception to the zoning is allowed to be seriously debated and expanded, this city will lose its gorgeous tout ensemble in a hurry.
Maybe a form-based code system would be more useful to our city with its layers of history and styles- surely any system would be better than this ad hoc b.s.

This story points out how this is playing out in the 2015 City Council:

La Habana lives another day, as New Orleans City Council moves to create 'cigar bar' designation |

What a mess.

We assume all of this street construction mess is in preparation for the 2013 SuperBowl. Because why after all, would a poor city and its administration work on the streets of the Quarter AGAIN before some of those roads broken in hurricanes that happened years ago?
Why indeed?
So, if you are coming to the Quarter prepare yourself for backed up travel streets, very limited parking along with an overabundance of construction vehicles running their engines for hours outside.

And they wonder why we drink so much here.