Leave green space alone, neighbors say

After opening the floor for discussion among tables, Culberston led at least 156 people in a 22-question electronic poll. Results included 87 percent of respondents saying they have no interest in City Park providing camping services, 64 percent of respondents saying they don’t need an urban ecology center, and 42 percent of respondents wanting to leave new trail plans out of the Wisner Tract redevelopment.

During the last few questions, members of the audience became vocal about developing the Wisner Tract as little as possible. Multiple people asked how much City Park was paying Design Workshop, and there was a round of applause for people loving City Park as it is now.

One person asked if park officials could allow the public to pay or make donations to help maintain the current Wisner Tract, but Culberston said City Park had never mentioned anything to the architecture firm about it.

Public favors undeveloped Wisner Tract over camping, nature center designs

Petition · Cancel plans for development of the “Championship” level golf course in Northern City Park

Especially for downtown residents and visitors, City Park is a necessary amenity and is conveniently located only a few easy miles down Esplanade by bicycle, leg or vehicle. As a FQ teenager, I rode my bike to City Park regularly, learned how to drive there and generally used it to escape from my fabulous but often trying daily life of the Quarter. Because of all of that and more, it remains one of my favorite places in the entire region.
This new golf course will take away what has been a much-loved and well-used space since the 2005 levee breaks. There is no doubt that City Park management has had to find ways to monetize/program much of the park, and has done so by offering many great amenities (i.e. 24 hour beignets, putt-putt, Botanical Garden/music, soccer fields, stables, Grow Dat Youthfarm) but they also need to balance that with open space that encourages a wide variety of beneficial insects, wildlife and plants that add diversity and won’t be attracted to a golf course. People need diversity of spaces too, and the space in question has served as a recuperative spot for thousands who rebuilt the city and were here in the gloomy days after 2005. I believe this need was clearly defined by that use and the management should attend to the felt desire to offer non-programmed or non-monetized space that benefits its residents, visitors and the rest of the natural world.
Please consider signing the petition and sharing it so we can show the support for balanced uses of our beloved City Park.
Petition · Cancel plans for development of the "Championship" level golf course in Northern City Park · Change.org.