Killer Poboys-811 Conti

Just named to The Guardian’s Top 10 Budget Restaurants in New Orleans. I love their version of the shrimp poor boy:

Morning Call coffee and beignet shop could soon return to French Quarter


902088_4788155144916_1113678626_oWonderful news. This could help alleviate the strange little vacuum of business activity that exists between Chartres and Decatur and lead to more New Orleans based businesses in the Quarter. And this means that Cafe Du Monde and Morning Call will once again be within a few blocks of each other, serving 24 hours a day .

Morning Call coffee and beignet shop could soon return to French Quarter |

couple of names from the past..

And I had several good meals at the popular tourist bar and cafe named “Olde N’Awlins Cookery” on Conti Street. The place is owned by Mike Lala, a long-time television cameraman in New Orleans who, after all those years of hanging out in bars, decided to open one. He has made his fortune serving the same four appetizers, four soups, and eight entrees year after year. It’s a successful formula with the out-of-towners. “I don’t change anything,” Mike told me. “I don’t even like to change the light bulbs.” Phil has known Mike Lala even longer than I have, but I always went to Olde N’Awlins alone. Phil says he isn’t going there until Mike starts using tablecloths.
Charles Kuralt, passage from his excellent 1995 book, “America”