A day of abandon

One of my favorite parts of Carnival happens on Lundi Gras when Rex and Zulu meet at the Riverfront and Rex issues a proclamation:

‘I do hereby ordain decree the following,’ Laborde said, ‘that during the great celebration all commercial endeavors be suspended. That the children of the realm be freed from their studies and be permitted to participate in the pageantry. And to the city’s political leaders,

‘That the mayor and City Council cease and desist from governance.”

Mayor Mitch Landrieu consults with council members and other advisers to decide whether to give in to the king of Carnival’s demands. Finally:

‘We will fulfill the will of the people and turn over the key to the city to you, so that tomorrow in New Orleans will be a day of abandon,’ Landrieu said. ‘Happy Mardi Gras.

Indeed. Happy Mardi Gras.