Dont’ Stand So Close To Me

My neighborhood is still full of life and love. Even 10 feet apart.

Ironwork: Gate detail 529 Dumaine

This gate may have jumpstarted my decision to map the ironwork in the Quarter. I don’t think the gold detail was there when I first noticed this gate (although I may be wrong) but I was startled when I saw the Pontalba scroll on this other building. I am doing research on the commercial history of Jackson Square and know that the Baroness lived near to Jackson Square while she built the Pontalbas, and I wonder if this might be where she lived.  I’ll post when more information comes my way..529Dumaine4529Dumaine3529Dumaine2529Dumaine!

El Libre

I am loving living in the Quarter again with all of these great, small food places opening with caring owners and chefs on hand. Begone the cranky and overpriced run of the mill food and drink: bow down to Spitfire coffee, Meauxbar’s bistro, Cane and Table’s small plates, Vietnamese food at 9 Roses, authentic Cajun food and dancing with Mosquito Supper Club, traditional New Orleans cuisine at Kingfish (well, under opening chef Greg Sonnier that is- hope it is remains as good) and now Cuban food and cocktails. While you are there, look around and notice all of the lovely little shops selling handmade, local or beautiful items on Royal and Chartres. And for all of you who laugh behind your hands at all of the unfortunate crime news happening here (and everywhere), know that we are enjoying life and fun in the old city very well thank you.

Mardi Gras Costume House

Link to a great picture on this week of my pal Tracy Thomson standing in her studio. Her gorgeous hats, potholders, bags (and more) are available daily at Dutch Alley Cooperative, a local artist cooperative found in the French Quarter (Dumaine at the river). The rumor is that if you check in with her early enough in the year, you might just be able to get on her list to purchase a unique Mardi Gras costume designed and hand sewn by Tracy herself. Tracy has also vended at JazzFest in the Contemporary Crafts area for the last 20 years and was one of my premier Festivus vendors for the five years that we ran that market in the mid 2000s.

Mardi Gras Costume House |