89th Pirate’s Alley Art show April 6, 7

Apr 6- Apr 7
What:  an art event featuring exciting artwork by regional artists ,plus an opening parade, food and beverages for purchase, and painting demonstrations by some members of the association.

Visit noartassoc.org, or contact Wanda at noartassoc@yahoo.com for a prospectus, if you want to be an artist- participant.

Working artists

Today, I ran across two old friends, both working in the Quarter. The great photographer and musician Zack Smith was doing a shoot for Dirty Coast on Royal. His photography spans all of the different cultures that Southeastern Louisiana encompasses, and his work with the indie rock band, Rotary Downs is worth a deep listen. It’s on my regular rotation.



Sam Mee is someone I have known since I was a teen, when I used to run with his old employer, Roger Simonson. (Sam worked at Roger’s Royal Street store, A Better Mousetrap which had its heyday in the early 1970s.)  Sam has been a working artist for decades, and shows up on the Square from time to time. As these things usually go, I had just been thinking about him recently, realizing I had not seen him in some time. And then, there he was.


I even bought an original of his today:


I talked to both of them about how they are doing with the “job, gig, hustle” lifestyle we have here in town. Zack is doing well, but still takes the cycle of business very seriously; Sam is a little less sanguine about sales, but still very good at keeping it going after all of these years.

Eleven million visitors and less than half a million residents — and most still struggle. Since the levee breaks, the cost of everything has been doubled, tripled and the number of opportunists arriving has easily quadrupled.

It is in everyone’s interest to see our creative community succeed, yet the very infrastructure works against it.

Botton line: if you see an honest hustler or gigger, pay your respects in some way.




2015 St. Louis Cathedral Holiday Concerts

For more information about the St. Louis Cathedral Holiday Concerts call 504-522-5730 or go to www.fqfi.org.

– See more at: https://holiday.neworleansonline.com/traditions/st-louis-cathedral-concert-holiday-series/#sthash.dfLq8gnK.dpuf

Jackson Square zones

I was sent these diagrams by the city of New Orleans and I will also be uploading the corresponding regulation text. This came about because there was a heavy handed idea by the city to “close” the square overnight, seemingly in a feeble attempt to reduce the small bad element found there 24 hours a day among the many good elements also there 24 hours a day. I wrote in protest and was invited to one meeting and sent this months later. The other attendees at the meeting were the folks who work in the Square- readers, musicians and artists. No one from the JS businesses, the museums or church were there, nor were any other residents. I wrote about the meeting in an earlier post:
JS meeting notes

This is the overview of all of the zones in the Square as of October 2013

This is the overview of all of the zones in the Square as of October 2013

This is the noise buffer zone for the cathedral

This is the noise buffer zone for the cathedral

This is the artist "A" zone for setting up along the fence.

This is the artist “A” zone for setting up along the fence.

Tableau opens in the French Quarter

The brand new Brennan family restaurant Tableau. The restaurant is at the corner of Saint Peter and Chartres, where the Le Petit Theater sold half and left the other as a functioning theater.

The brand new Brennan family restaurant Tableau at Saint Peter and Chartres. This is the other half of Le Petit Theater which left the other side as a functioning theater.