Mardi Gras Brunch at Meauxbar

Went last year for Lundi Gras and am glad to be returning. A lovely way to kick off the final two days…

Brunch at Meauxbar features a prix fixe menu that will change weekly to highlight the best seasonal and local ingredients. Our cocktail menu offers an Unlimited Mimosa Set Up for $18 with local citrus and additional shrubs, bitters, & tinctures for personal flavoring. Brunch also features our House-Made Seasonal Pimm’s series, House-Made Bloody Mary, specialty cocktails & an extensive wine list. Reservations recommended, walk-ins welcome.

2016 __________________________________________________

 Mardi Gras Weekend Brunch will run from Friday, Feb. 5th until Monday, Feb. 8th.

 Friday / Saturday brunch will be 10:30am-2:30pm

Sunday / Monday brunch will be 10:30am-3:30pm



King Cake Scones . louisiana strawberry jam .


Gumbo z’Herbes . sweet potato salad .


Smoked Drum Rilette . pickled vegetables . crisps .


Beef Carpaccio . crispy bacon . fried egg aïoli . everything bagel crumbs .


Confit Chicken & Red Beans . housemade mustard . braised greens .


Louisiana Shrimp & Grits . rice grits . green onions .


Ham & Cheese Croissant . fried egg . dijon mustard .


Galette de Rois . brandy crème anglaise .


Louisiana Strawberry Mont Blanc . almond macaron .


Sweet Potato Beignets . french truck espresso mousseline .

Meauxbar deux

Another amazing meal at Meauxbar; first, the crabmeat and goat cheese app was delicious and just right with chewy bread to scoop it up; Chef Kristen Essig is right- her new fisher family source are first-rate crabbers! House salad with the figs, lovely. (with extra muscadines from Meauxbar’s own vines on the St. Philip side which I had along with a scolding from Essig for absentmindedly leaving one of her prized grapes on my plate!) French fries, mouthwatering-seriously. For entrees, I had the pork and Callie had the lamb- both had deep flavor and there was plenty on the plate, enough to take home for a lunch treat tomorrow. The service is quite excellent; I so enjoy seeing a focused staff led by a ambitious yet fun chef; I predict a future of great meals for me at St. Philip and Rampart.

Meauxbar is back baby…

Chef Kristen Essig shows off her new menu at Meauxbar

Chef Kristen Essig shows off her new menu at Meauxbar

For New Orleanians, having a great bistro experience is pretty important. Sure, we appreciate fine dining formality and oyster bar parties too, but the idea of casual yet lovely dining with an updated menu from a great chef who is inspired by whatever inspires them that month, was meant for us, it really was.
The emergence of this in the city can surely be traced to the opening of Mr. B’s in 1979(?) or so at the corner of Iberville and Royal and that chef, Gerard Maras and Ella Brennan, owner. Gerard is one of the city’s finest chefs who is now working from his farm in Franklinton doing special events and teaching. Many trace their own great work in the city to their time with Gerard including my pal, celebrated chef Corbin Evans of Lulu’s, Lulu’s in the Garden, Savvy Gourmet and now Oxford Canteen in Mississippi who gave me an interview once about how Gerard was a true mentor to him and many others (like John Harris of Lilette, Brian Landry of Borgne, Alex Harrell of Sylvain, Aaron Burgau of Patois, Anton Schulte of Bistro Daisy, David and Torre Solazzo of Ristorante del Porto and Slade Rushing and Allison Vines-Rushing of MiLa as mentioned in a recent T-P article that traces farm to table dining to his Gerard’s Downtown after Mr. B’s.)

I mention these names, because even though Kristen arrived in New Orleans a bit later than the Mr.B’s days, she carries the same zeal and talent and would have been right there with Gerard if only she was old enough! And she can certainly be counted as a serious comer alongside those of her peers listed, all who follow the same principled and ambitious path that Gerard taught…
And because I believe that the reopening of the Meauxbar will be as important to the rebirth of the lively life on North Rampart with Essig at its helm. I wrote about her on another blog that I have and as mentioned there, I have great admiration for her style, her attention to detail and her commitment to local producers. Add to that, she is a French Quarter resident and so like her colleague (over at Stanley’s) Scott Boswell, wants to have a first-class kitchen to honor her own hood. In short, it’s just gonna be good and fun AND be a place for regular people to eat well… So count me in any time you are heading over there…
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