Pontalba exhibit opens

As someone researching the mercantile history of Jackson Square from the time of the Pontalba buildings built this is an exciting opportunity, but this exhibit and the interactive mapping of our 300-year history of New Orleans (I understand it features the excellent work of our local geographer/historian Rich Campanella) should draw everyone to this museum.

I’ll update after going to the exhibits later this week…




Clarence John Laughlin — Indiegogo

This is an amazing, important documentary fundraiser to highlight a true French Quarter character, artist and world class collector. From the home page of the documentary:
This is a documentary about the New Orleans photographer Clarence John Laughlin, who many consider to be the father of American surrealist photography. Shot in the historic New Orleans Pontalba building where he lived for over 35 years in a garret apartment stuffed with thousands of books covering every available surface, this is the only known footage of one of our most original artists.

Clarence was a well-known eccentric with an artistic temperament. He could be both charming and difficult. He was married five times, twice to the same women. Possibly due to his strong willed personality, Clarence’s greatness was not fully recognized or appreciated during his life, though he received much acclaim and was published in major magazines and exhibited in galleries in the U.S. and Europe. There is no doubt Clarence was a photographic genius who’s life and work deserves more attention and praise. The documentary will explore Clarence the book collector and writer and how those passions influenced his life and his significant body of work.

Please support this work and pass it along to others that might also support.

Clarence John Laughlin — Indiegogo.