Sazerac Company buys historic Canal street buildings for new museum

(Further solidifying my theory that the river end of Canal will soon have a majority of high end retail shops and visitor amenities, with lower-end retail migrating closer to the hospital corridor on Canal and on Tulane. Now, if only the city would step up and offer the owners incentives for rent-controlled apartments and “boarding houses” on the top floors of some of these buildings to keep premium staff for these places and for the restaurant industry nearby. This would revitalize Canal and Iberville overnight.)

The buildings will also include a gift shop and Sazerac company offices, with a projection of 60 employees eventually working there, 45 of which will be new positions.

The buildings, which have sat vacant for more than 30 years, date back to the mid-1800s and contain rich architectural details including wood floors, high ceilings, over-sized windows, and ornate support columns throughout. As many of the original design elements as possible will be kept as the buildings undergo renovation.

Source: Sazerac Company buys historic Canal street buildings for new Sazerac museum and visitor attraction