Walk On The Wild Side credits

One of the best sets of opening and closing movie credits done by the great Saul Bass ( http://annyas.com/screenshots/saul-bass-title-sequences/), and especially suitable for a movie set in New Orleans. Crazy 1962 movie but with an amazing cast: Anne Baxter as a Mexican for chrissake (why does she always looks middle-aged), Jane Fonda in a small role that she was too perky and oddly wholesome to pull off (the hustling teenager Kitty Twist), Tatum O’Neal’s mother Joanna Moore, as an abused prostitute with the classic heart of gold and exposition role (aka a “she ain’t here” role), Barbara Stanwyck as a lesbian bordello owner, Laurence Harvey as a Texas cowboy, Capucine of Pink Panther fame playing the romantic lead wearing modern clothes and who sounded like a bitch on the set; sadly she took her own life in the 1990s. The accents and plot are ridiculous and of course you could guess what happens to which character from the beginning of this movie, but still worth a watch.

Jax beer on the shelf, 25 cent poor boys signs, shots of lower Chartres street, Lafittes Blacksmith Shop, a few other great shots of the old city. Enjoy.

“The odds against going to heaven are six to one…”